Psalms 84: 6-7

As they pass through the Valley of Baca, the make it a place of springs; the autumn rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God in a carwash....?

Okay, so I know the title of this blog has you curious!! God gives me the best revelations at the most, should I say, quirkiest moments in my life! So, I am titling this revelation..."Are you in neutral?"
Friday before leaving for Denver for the weekend, Avery and I dropped off Kloey and Max at their school's, hit SUPESTAR COFFEE..yeah, and headed to the new car wash on highway 87 to clean out the messy ole tahoe!! After we sucked up 3 hundred goldfish (the crackers, not the real thing) from under the seats and threw all the trash away that had taken up home in my car we ventured into the "Most Funnest" car wash, as Max's call's it!! As Avery and I are heading through the car wash we are listening to Matt Redman's version of "The Blood of Jesus" (I love this song) Avery is singing but da ba-wood of Jesus, she loves this song too and I love the moments when I can catch her worshiping the Lord at the simple age of 3 1/2, lisp and all!! She's adorable!! Anyway, as we are entering the end of the car wash, God puts it into my heart....that our relationship with Him is like this car wash...? Then it starts falling into place. When you first enter the car wash, for those who have been there, you come upon a machine that wants something in order to raise the bar barricade to let you into the wash...hmmm. God's terms: God wants us, our lives, and our problems; when we give them to Him, the bar will raise letting us in. Then as you are about to enter the car wash, you have a choice, to go straight, or turn left or right and leave. How many times have we done that in our lives and as soon as we give him our issues or lives, we instead of going straight with Him, we turn right or left on our own....not knowing how "clean" it could of all turned out if we would have just stayed with Him on the straight and narrow road. IF you decide to go straight, as I did this day, you will the enter the car wash (God's will) and then here comes the hard part...(I hate this part in the car wash) trying to get on the track that will take you through. Now, I know that the man working hates it when he sees me coming takes me like 5 minutes to get on the track....he is always pointing his thumb left, then right, then left, more left, then right..then he chuckles...gosh!! As I am writing this, I giggle, thinking that God does that with us....points us left, then right, then left more left, trying to get us on His track, His plan for us, and when we land on the right path...he chuckles!!
Then, as soon as we get on the right track, we have to put our cars (lives) in neutral. We when give God a problem, issue, or even our lives, we in turn have to check ourselves and put us in neutral. We have to let God be in control not ourselves, let God tell us when to go forward, let it not be our choice when we go, stop or even fall backwards. Then comes the fun part. God then gets to run us through the wash (the water and soap being the blood of
Jesus...hint the song), washing all the mud, dirt, bug guts, and yes, even bird poop off of us. This washing may take a while, but eventually we will come to a part where we will see the rinsing start and then the best part comes, the light at the end of the tunnel. That light is amazing..knowing you are coming out clean (from everything you gave God). As we enter the light, we will then see the drying take place (God telling you that the problem is solved). When you exit the car wash, your car (or just yourself) will have a glow about you. Now, I know from my own experiences that whenever I have a problem that I give to God and let Him keep it, I come out of it, with a glow about myself. Not knowing at the time when it is so hard to give that problem to God, that when I do I will have a glorious glow or feeling of how God is so good.
That night as I laid at my grandparent's house I was reflecting on this revelation. God showed me that there will be more times than we can keep track of on how many times we have to enter that spiritual wash with Him. And sometimes He won't be able to get out the scratches and dings we go into the wash with, but those things are our testimonies. There will be cars that enter the wash that are battered, have cracked windshields, wrecked bumpers, etc. but when they exit that wash they too will have a glow about them and run on to tell their testimonies of how they were once dirty, but now cleaned!! Also, we will encounter times when the rain hits, we travel down the muddy roads again, or we are just parked and collecting dust, but God will always be there to let us in, wash us off, let us see the light at the end of the tunnel, dry us off and pat us on our bumper to go into the world again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, the love of Fall!!

"I love FALL!!" I said to myself today as I was walking outside to load kiddos up to get more kiddos from school. I love the moment you can take that deep breath of air and know that fall is here, isn't' God amazing!! I love to watch the leaves change and fall, pumpkin pickin at the Weick's with ALL my family, decorating the front yard, and most of all FOOTBALL games!! Fall always makes me want to watch "You've Got Mail", over and over. I've seen it at least 20 times!! It makes me want to move to New York (just in the fall), own a children's bookstore, and cut my hair really short like Meg Ryan's!! We always venture towards Red River this time if September with my parents just to watch the leaves, relax, and create lasting memories for my kids with my parents. I love times like that that God has so graciously blessed us with!! I will always cherish them. But this year we are having to skip Red River and head to Denver instead for my grandpa's birthday. Although the smell and sights of Red River Main Street will be missed, we will have a great time with my grandparents making memories for my kids to cherish of them! I will post pics when we get back and please pray for our safe travels, ex: Kristy's road rage during rush hour traffic...haha!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My dip into the blogging world!!

Hello!! Well, I have ventured upon the blogging world! While trying to finish 3 labs I have due (yes, I have found myself returning to school along with my children to finish my degree!!) I decided to check out a sweet blessed family's page, the Bossell's, to see what was happening with their great blessing and low and behold here I am creating a page!! I love reading and found myself greatly intrigued with myspace, so I am praying that this is not the near addiction that I am trying to break free from with myspace, haha!! Well, after an hour of trying to figure all this out, I better get back to my school work while my husband is smiling ear to ear, the cowboys have just won!!