Psalms 84: 6-7

As they pass through the Valley of Baca, the make it a place of springs; the autumn rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Max and the "Mom" Feeling

I have had an extremely stressful week this week, with my last week of school coming up I have been studying ferociously for finals all the while handling my household, find a nursery worker to hire for church, have basketball practice with my youth team, work nursery, finish up Christmas shopping, hold cell group and getting prepared to start a new study with them, and just remembering to breathe. Well this week my family decides that this week is the week they are stopping all responsibilities they hold. I know for a fact that I have yelled 5 million times for them to pick up their dirty clothes, feed their animals, do homework, finish their chores, clean their rooms, sit down and if you get out of that car seat again....ewwwww, and to plain just hurry up!! I know part of this is my fault with being so busy myself, but can I get an "AMEN" that I am not the only mom who wants to smack their kids right upon their little bums when they don't listen the first time. (I so need to retreat back into my "Growing Kids Gods Way" book) Well tonight my little Max said the cutest thing while we were decorating the house for Christmas. He was helping by "fluffing" the tree while I was separating ornaments and the girls were just plain goofing off with their dad, which they do so greatly. Max says, "Am I the only one working here?" (I honestly don't know where he got that.) I giggled and said, "Amen, Max now you know how Mommy feels." And he said, "That's the mommy feeling, when nobody wants to help out!!" He hit it right on the nose!!

Here is another "Max" story from this morning, he's the wise-cracker of the family. At children's church they were giving out parts for the animals of the play. Well he had his heart sat on being the bull and had talked about it all week. When the time came this morning he was chosen for they donkey. He was extremely upset and was refusing to do the play. I pulled him aside and told him that whatever part he was chosen for, he should do it to the best of his ability because that is what Jesus would want from him and that the donkey held a very important job in Jesus' birth. The donkey is what carried Mary to the stable and if it wasn't for the donkey, Mary could of had baby Jesus right on the dirt road, that God supplied that donkey for Mary to ride on. So he decided that donkey it would be, but he added, "I am not carrying Mary on my back, that girl is five times bigger than me!!!" He cracks us up!!!


Thomas Family said...

I'll go ahead and give you an AMEN...even though my days for this are several years away. :) Max is too cute!

Ilene said...

Here's another AMEN!!! Out of the mouth of babes Max! Very cute!